FORBIDDEN HISTORY by John Dudley Aldworth

29/12/2016 09:11

This is the amazing story of how white, Celtic descendants of Noah fled Middle East war in the time of Queen Esther to sail round the earth to New Zealand. As told by their descendants still living today, they then lived in peace for over 1300 years in this ‘Far Off Land’ until the coming of the cannibal Maori.

Strongly biblical and Christ honouring but backed by archaeological, scientific and genetic evidence, the book is indeed ‘Forbidden History’ because its truth is denied by both Government and education in New Zealand to this day. For political reasons schools still teach Maori were the land’s first settlers when in fact they were latecomers who brought a holocaust of cruelty and cannibalism to a peaceful land.

Only preaching of the gospel of grace by brave missionaries halted the cruel slaughter of 100,000 of the Caucasian settlers and then of 60,000 Maori themselves in inter-tribal warfare. In the upshot New Zealand experienced the greatest per-head-of-population awakening to God seen anywhere in the world since the Apostle Paul. A full 40 per cent of the largely Maori population was converted. 

Later chapters unfold the biblical truth that Noah’s descendants twice sailed and mapped the entire post-flood earth and explains how their descendants subsequently took a tradition of peace, trade and belief in God to other side of the world.

Firm historical, archaeological and historical evidence is cited to proven the Bible’s chronology and history of the flood and subsequent ice age is correct. And that contrary to evolutionary thinking the post-Flood ancients traded widely between the Middle East, Africa, India and even South America. South American maize, for example, is found painted on the walls of the funerary temple of Egypt’s Queen Hatshepsut built in 1400BC.

An exciting, easily read quality book with over 60 colour illustrations of artefacts, shipwrecks, carvings

‘Forbidden History’ can be purchased direct from the author for NZ$40 plus shipping (e.g. NZ$16.95 or US$11.7 to the US). Contact details: email: address:  17 Clark Place, Hillcrest, Hamilton 3216, New Zealand phone: +64 7856 4655.