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July 20 2014

By John Aldworth

Here are four questions every believer should consider:

  1. Why does God not step in now and stop the Islamic persecution and slaughter of millions of “Christians” around the world?
  2. Why is the current persecution of those who call themselves Christians in almost every Muslim country arguably the most intense since Islam swallowed up the previously largely “Christian”  Middle East in the first 200 years of its existence and why is Muslim encroachment on the rest of the world now the most severe since the seventh century?
  3. Why is the organised, professing church doing next to nothing about it?
  4. Why are the western governments seemingly impotent in the face of the fast accelerating Muslim takeover of the world?

I suggest that the short answer to all four questions is that because we are denying God, He is denying us, just as He did some fourteen centuries ago when Islam was first unleashed to destroy the structure of what had become an apostate, nominal Christianity.

Consider these facts:

  1. Today no western country with a Christian tradition nationally and politically acknowledges the Father and his Son the Lord Jesus Christ, the creator redeemer God of the Bible, as the one and only true God. Belief in the Bible along with true gospel preaching has been banished from politics, organised religion and the entire education system. Pagan belief enjoys equal status with true Christianity.


  1. No Christian denomination, church or organization today is “stablished according to Paul’s “my gospel” or preaches Jesus Christ “according to the revelation of the mystery” (Rom. 16:25). Come to that no Christian organization of any sort requires unconditional obedience to the infallible God-given commandments of the apostles, particularly those of the Apostle Paul as they are commanded to do.


  1. What’s more only a tiny fraction of fundamental Bible believers accept the “present truth” that Israel has fallen and been blinded (Rom. 11:11), that the Saviour and his salvation is now sent to the Gentiles (Acts 28:28) and that the mystery programme and the dispensation of the grace of God given the Apostle Paul for us Gentiles (Eph. 3:2-3) has superseded the previous administration of God through Israel in the gospels and Acts period. Consequently no believer today is blessed as the seed of Abraham or under the New Covenant  Fact is only a tiny minority admit that our God and Saviour Jesus Christ is making Himself known today only through mystery-grace revelation given to the Apostle Paul for Gentiles. They will not accept the biblical truth that the great mystery revelation was unknown to previous ages, including those of the gospels and Acts periods, until the Apostle Paul announced it in his prison epistles.

Such rejection of God’s truth, present purpose and divinely ordained dispensational administration adds up a deliberate denial of who God is Himself. Consequently, although this is the dispensation of the grace of God and those who have died, been buried and rose with Christ have been forgiven all trespasses, nevertheless 2 Tim. 12:12 holds true:

            If we deny Him, He will also deny us.

Islam is flourishing today. Muslim immigrants are making huge inroads into western countries such as Britain, Germany and France. In countries once the heartland of Christianity Muslims are demanding rights denied to Christians – for example, to be treated separately under sharia law and as they continue to multiply it is now only a matter of time before they will have the political clout to achieve it.

Meanwhile in Muslim countries persecution of Christians, no matter how apostate or nominal, now amounts to wholesale slaughter. While the apostate, organised churches stand silent millions of non-Muslims who call themselves Christian have been murdered or expelled from Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Egypt, Pakistan and other Islamic countries. The hatred and cruelty of this religion, that I believe originates from Satan himself, is shown in these three incidents culled from thousands that have taken place in recent months:

  1. Mally ki, Sialkot District, Pakistan, April 23: Christian girl Saira Iqbal, aged seven, was gang-raped by four Muslim men who0 later kidnapped the father to try to force him to agree not to seek police prosecution. Police were reluctant to prosecute but under pressure from human rights organisations and some local churches finally arrested one suspect A recent report stated that in Pakistan more than 700 young girls are kidnapped, raped, forced to become Muslims and made to marry Muslim men. Christian women are routinely subjected to rape, abuse, forced prostitution and human trafficking. The 700 reported cases are only the tip of the iceberg. Days later a second girl, also aged seven, was also attacked. Sara Masih, daughter of a poor Christian family, was seized by a young man and hustled to an empty apartment building. He was joined by three other men and several hours later the girl was found by a neighbor, unconscious, bloody and with a broken leg. She had been repeatedly raped, bled for days and is still in hospital.
  3.  Meriam Ibrahim, the Christian Sudanese mother falsely sentenced to9 death for “apostasy” though she has never been a Muslim, was forced to give birth while her legs were chained while in prison. Now freed from prison due to international protest but still detained in the Sudan, she says her daughter is disabled as a result.


  1. Mosul, Iraq, June 10: ISIS, the 10,000-strong Muslim army sweeping through Syria, and Iraq, brutally raped then shot dead a Christian mother and her young daughter because the family could not pay the poll tax ISIS levied on Christians in pursuit of the commandment to do so found in the Koran. The family’s husband and father was so traumatised at this atrocity he committed suicide.


Islam already rules most of the world and is hell bent on subduing the rest by infiltration, fear and force. And the western nations are playing along with the process. Some years ago Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi remarked that so many Muslims now lived in western countries that within 40 years they would have a political majority – without a shot being fired.

And the organised, professing Christian church is to blame for that. In its obsession with ecumenism it has all but welcomed Muslims with open arms. And it has so watered down the true faith in a bid to make itself more acceptable to the world that it is now as moribund (on the point of death) as the church of the 7th century. Hence God’s denial of it.

Then as now the reason is the same. The church’s point blank refusal to read and believe God’s testimony through the Apostle Paul of salvation by grace through faith and not of works. Like the Byzantine church of old Christendom today not only doesn’t preach Jesus Christ according to the revelation of the mystery – for the most part it doesn’t even believe there is such a thing.

Scripturally speaking, the only way to stop Islam’s advance is for the church to heed and accept God’s latest word to mankind found in the last seven epistles of the Apostle Paul.

This revelation from the Father and his Son Jesus Christ includes a new way and means of salvation for Gentiles quite apart from Israel.

Importantly, only in this body of truth from Paul the prisoner is found the sure and certain Christian answer to the Islamic evil. Col. 1:12-13 assures those in Christ that the Father has made them…

“… meet to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light” and that He “hath delivered us from the power of darkness and translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son”.

For further information on the mystery revelation visit the website day-of-christ-ministries.com. Also frequent coverage of Muslim atrocities and efforts to combat them is featured on the radio programme, Nothing but the Truth, which airs on Free 89FM each Sunday at 4.30pm.

Broadcaster John Aldworth has consistently stood against the Muslim advance. He believes all Muslims in New Zealand who cannot recognize and respect Christianity as the true and founding faith of this country and who hold that the hateful statements of the Koran regarding ill-treatment of Christians are true, should leave here and return to an Islamic country that respects their views.

He also believes that unless the so-called Christian churches recognise that today the Lord can only be known today through “the preaching of Jesus Christ according to the revelation of the mystery” and that proclaiming Him otherwise is of no avail, they will offer no effective opposition to the Islamisation of then west, including that of Australia and New Zealand.

Inquiries:  John Aldworth, email: john.aldworth@hotmail.com